Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The first time gets a little awkward

Ok here is the obligatory first post.  So welcome and thanks for stopping by.  This blog will be about what I like, such as topics of the day, my job, shooting, flying radio controlled airplanes and of course zombies. 
So a little about myself.  I am 34 years old, a federal law enforcement officer, and married to a wonderful woman that indulges my expensive hobbies.  I am a basic course instructor for a federal law enforcement agency, which is the best assignment I have ever had. I will, from time to time, share some of the very interesting things that have occurred during my field time and some from the school, but will change the names of the guilty to prevent a violation of any operational security issues.  I am a competitive 3-gun shooter, with my rifle, pistol and shotgun.  Basically these are organized tactical shooting games.  I reload my own ammunition.  My wife supports and in fact she has been known to pick up the AR-15 and empty a magazine or six.  That brings me to the radio controlled airplanes.  From about the age of 12 I have been interested in R/C planes.  Though I was never successful trying to fly R/C planes when I was younger, I did however, continue with R/C Cars.  When I was first married, I built a R/C plane that I promptly smashed into very tiny pieces during my first flight (I'll have to tell that story one time).  Some time later I got another plane that I flew a couple of time in Colorado (when the wind was low), but I soon smashed that into a million pieces.  Then we moved here and I got into it R/C planes again.  So far I have been pretty good and even progressed to some more advanced planes. 

So now that the first post is over, I will make a lame excuse and sneak out.  Later we will see each other and avert our eyes.  But just say that I was the best you ever had.

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